Week Thirteen

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Ever since our first discharge, the oncologists always said, “you’re likely going to be back here with a fever before your next round.” Robbie would grin and assure them that was not the case.Well, he got away with it the firs two rounds, but this time it got him.Robbie woke up with a fever Thursday, midway between rounds three and four. In fact, he started the day at 102.4 so we had to take him to the ER. A fever means automatic admittance and he has to remain fever-free for 48 hours before release.Once a bed space was cleared for him, we returned to 7-West, and his favorite nurse, Jess, won the tussle over which nurse got him. She was being shadowed by a student nurse who mentioned to us her surprise at how the nurses all wanted him as a patient. Given space considerations, he wound up down the hall in the ICU. However, his fever spiked to 105, his blood pressure dropped dangerously low and it was clear he has an infection. He was officially transferred to ICU care to help him.Things are more under control, the fever is down and the blood pressure has improved thanks to dopamine. He received platelets Thursday and two units of red blood cells on Friday (which he was scheduled to receive anyway).After spending Thursday and Friday sleeping most of the time, this morning he was awake and alert.The oncologists are pleased that things are better, saying his color looks improved and things are headed in the right direction. His first blood cultures showed an infection and subsequent ones have not grown anything so the antibiotics work.Everyone has made it clear that this is totally normal during treatment and that he got this far without a fever is rather excellent. He’s tired but his spirits remain positive.His 7-West nurses have visited and keep asking after him, looking forward to his coming off the dopamine and a return to their care until release.

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  1. Ouch. Once again, I’m so glad he has such wonderful care. More good thoughts and prayers coming from this direction.Did he like the comics? Does he need more TV stuff?

  2. Hi Bob,I am sorry to hear of Robbie’s newest struggle but am releived he is coming through it like a champ!I wish we could get out there, but I have had LITERALLY one cold after the next with about a week in between, so I figured that I’m not the best person to be around him right now. But my thoughts are with you constantly!Take care and send my best to Robbie.Beth

  3. Isn’t it remarkable how well respected Robbie is? Perhaps it doesn’t come as a particular surprise to you, who know him well, but it is still a marvelous tribute to a good young man. If he can maintain a pleasant demeanor under these circumstances he has a great deal of my respect.

  4. Bob and Deb, Something was telling me that I needed to look for you I am heartsick to see and read what I am reading about Robbie. I can only imagine all that is going on in your lives right now. Please know that you are in my prayers and I pray that Robbie pulls through all this. How can I ever forget his beautiful eyes and dashing smile. I still have Katies letter that she sent me 6 months after I left and think of you all ever so often. I was there in 91 for 3 short monthsto care for your darling childrenon Denton Ave. I am sure after 17+ years Robbie does not remember me but I am cheering him on, he has always reminded me much of my own son and Kate of my daughter. Again my prayers are with you and your family, may he defy all odds.

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