More Irons for the Fire

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One of the scariest things about being a freelance writer is that you can project only so far into the future. Is there enough work to generate enough income to make this a viable proposition?As a result, a rule of thumb tells you that more of your time should be spent chasing down new work than actually doing the work. For example, last August I started talking to someone about maybe a fulltime gig, then it became freelance from home and then it whittled down to less and less, and then when it was supposed to start at ten hours a week as of December 1, managed to be delayed and then done in starts and stops and so far not once has it really turned into anything steady. Had I done all the work and the cash flowed, things would be swell, but this is all too typical so you keep looking.Proposals take time to be read and if turned down at one company, then you look elsewhere. One editor said he had not one but two different book projects to discuss with me and approval was imminent. That was in late February. We might be able to discuss it this weekend at the New York Comic Con but it would be a conversation not an offer because they still are not approved.So, I was delighted that three different freelance opportunities arrived unsolicited on my doorstep in the span of 36 hours this week. One is to be part of a pitch so requires minimal investment of time right now; one is a guaranteed project that would start in June, we just need to sit and work out details; and one is short-term to be discussed on Saturday at the con.All of a sudden, the number of irons in the fire has grown, and with luck, a few will turn into real work to help fill out the gaps in my 2008 schedule. It’s certainly encouraging but it’s also head-spinning since several could come through at once and then I’d have to pick and choose or several could vanish and I’m back to scrambling.I’m hoping that some of the above gets settled in the next couple of weeks since family life will also require attention as we juggle Robbie’s round four, Kate’s college graduation and some extended family events that we hope to attend.

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