Week Fourteen

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Robbie is home. He remained in the ICU until Tuesday when his body was finally strong enough to get off the dopamine drip which he needed to stabilize his blood pressure. During much of his stay in ICU, he had some terrific nurses working with him and he received visits from some of the 7-West nurses.By Tuesday, after six hours without the dopamine, he was practically vibrating in a chair, super-charged and agitating to get back to 7-West. Finally, he was cleared to move over at 5 and was a hyperactive chatterbox to the amusement of his nurses.On Wednesday he was both in the hospital and well enough to attend his first Teen Night. He and three others worked with a videogrpaher to make a one-minute video on dating tips which was kind of cute. He met a fellow 7-West patient, Mercer, who recently had been admitted. The two guys hit it off and chattered away Wednesday night. They went to Play Group on Thursday and wound up hanging out together all afternoon, which was great to see. In the small world department, Mercer’s brother and Robbie had the same class at Housatonic in the fall.So, he came home Friday and the expectation is that he is re-admitted on Tuesday for round four. It will start in clinic as they check his blood and perform the usual bone marrow biopsy and lumbar puncture then back up to 7 for a week.Unfortunately, his hopes of attending the New York Comic Con were dashed but at least he’s in his own bed, with his dog and has some time to himself. He was also visited Friday by friends and enjoyed sitting in the sun, reading Manga and having Dixie sit by his side.On the other hand, while at Comic Con, I was floored by the number of people throughout the show who cornered me and after a hug and/or handshake immediately asked after him. I remain humbled by the affection received during this time.

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