When the Day Runs Away

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Another pitfall to being a freelance writer is rearranging your time when you day spirals beyond your control.Yesterday, for example, I headed downstairs intent on accomplishing two different projects before lunch so I had all afternoon for my Early Peoples project. I was feeling the pressure of not getting much done all week so needed to gear up.All well and good until the phone rang. It was our First Selectman, calling to chat about this week’s Standing Committee meetings prior to next Monday’s RTM meeting. It’s budget season and there are some volatile issues before the body.I was then asked to participate in a conference call about the Microsoft comic strip at noon. It was important that we catch up so we chatted and caught up and figured out where we were and what needed doing.Suddenly, it’s almost 1 and I’m still working on the second part of my morning workload. I’m closing in on the end of it when the exterminator comes and I spend some time with him, walking around the exterior, trying to figure out what might be making noise in the attic.Lunch becomes coffee and pretzels and yogurt, at the desk, as I finish the morning’s work…at 2:30 or so.By this point, there’s still something I need to write for a website and figured, so much of the day is shot, I’ll get that written now so Friday is clear for the Early Peoples. So, I’m writing away and then the phone rings.Suddenly, I’m on the phone for 73 minutes with my pals at ComicMix, talking about the oft-delayed Phase 3. We’re making some serious progress which is nice and overdue. But, when I hang up, it’s now 6:00 and time to make dinner, but first, a quick run to collect a prescription for Robbie.The evening should be downtime: some television, some reading, some time with Deb and Robbie. But then the phone rang. This time, it was a member of our Board of Education, calling to chat about…the budget. There went another 35 minutes although it was another necessary conversation.As far as the Early People of the arctic are concerned, this was a lost day. They still want me to finish writing about them by May 9. On the other hand, I served my town and I got other stuff done and managed to do cash-generating work. The trick now is to get back into the groove and get more of the book written.Fortunately, with Robbie back in the hospital for round four, there will be fewer home distractions. Already, today, I managed three chapters and feel much better. A few more days like this and maybe there will be a finished draft in time for a polish and still make the deadline.

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