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Things seem to be falling into place as my summer dance card fills in. I sent off the Early Peoples book yesterday and will no doubt be told it sucks and needs to be modified but I did all that I could with it at this point. Meantime, two projects previously thought to be in the offing have become formal offers.As a result, here’s the current line-up of stuff:About to be PublishedTales of Zorro, coming soonHellboy II: The Golden Army, coming May 28The Essential Batman Encyclopedia, coming June 10.The Encyclopedia of Storytelling: scheduled for publication JulyChristina Aguilera, coming in SeptemberDeliveredBiomes: DesertsBataan Death MarchEarly PeoplesHow to Lose a War: three essays.Back Issue #32: Interview with Len Wein and Marv Wolfman about Who’s WhoThe Brave & Bold Companion: Dick Giordano interview, Murray Boltinoff profileStory for Captain Midnight collectionWonder Woman: Essay for BenBella; awaiting edits and publication date.”Steel & Chrome” in Age of War: A Classic BattleTech Anthology: manuscript turned in to editor on December 1, 2005; on indefinite hold.On GoingHeroes Happen Here, daily web comic strip for Microsoft, running through JulyWebsite writing —,, unnamed projectEditorial WorkWrite Now! #18: Pitching in to help editor Danny Fingeroth get this late issue completed. Been proofreading, copyediting, caption writing, nudging, the usual.Avalanche Comics Entertainment graphic novel 1: Pending deal with publisherAvalanche Comics Entertainment graphic novel 2: In progress, needs publisherNextHaunting Museums – The Strange and Uncanny Stories Behind the Most Mysterious Exhibits – three essays due JuneMedia Tie-In non-fiction bookMedia Tie-In editing projectProposed ProjectsOriginal fantasy duology cowritten with Aaron Rosenberg – being reviewed by editorOriginal urban fantasy – begging me to finish promiseMedia Tie-In novel – pitched December 2006, finally got editor’s interest, outline due May 31Media Tie-In novel – I’ve been pitched as the writer, awaiting licensee approvalMedia Tie-In comic book miniseries – Discussing with the publisher this weekMedia Tie-In editing – awaiting formal offerMedia tie-in non-fiction book: Pitch to editor September 13, no response as yet.Media tie-in book non-fiction 2: Pitch to editor October 2, no response as yet.”Things That Aren’t” sequel: Co-writer Michael A. Burstein is at work on the first draft.Actionopolis book: Started writing, awaiting revised deal memo.

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  1. The number of horrible jokes about “Christina Aguilera, coming in September” that are begging to be made…That said — geez, Bob, do you ever SLEEP?TWL

  2. Hi Rob, We met at Uncle Bud and Helaine at the theater last night.They told us about Robbie. That stirred up some wonderful memories. We will hold Robbie and your family in hearts and prayers until this rough patch is smoothed over.Fondly, Ruthe and Harry

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