A Fast Week Slips By

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Where did the week go?Well, let’s see. Monday was writing at the desk until the RTM meeting. It was our annual Budget meeting and promised to be long and possibly tense since various folk made noises about attempting to propose deep cuts. In the end, it wasn’t as late as I feared and the cuts never materialized. Instead, we passed the budget and are now focused on the new issues before the body.Tuesday was clinic for Robbie and thankfully, the wi-fi meant I could keep writing. With the Early Peoples book delivered, I was cleaning up correspondence and beginning to research stuff for the next two projects. A 5 p.m. phone call about promised work failed to materialize and has yet to be rescheduled.On Wednesday, I focused largely on researching one of my two projects while also expanding an outline for a media tie-in pitch an editor wants to see by month’s end. Interestingly, I find myself somewhat paralyzed because I want the editor to love it. I dawdle on some research and still can’t find the spark to tie it all up.Yesterday, I did a ton of work on the website project I’ll talk more fully about next week. In fact, I wound up finishing reading a novel and watching a movie for the project so it ate up many hours. There was also time spent on the May RTM agenda and related conversations.Today, I thought an hour or so on the website project was all I’d need but suddenly that became closer to three hours, plus writing something about it for the San Diego Comic-con. Some calls, some RTM work, and then a disc arrived that required my attention for one of the other projects resulting in a conference call at 4. Oh yeah, and responses to questions about writing Hellboy II: The Golden Army for a German publication.All week long there has been time spent on the various ACE projects as our comic strip is running behind schedule and we lock down talent for other projects. This means tons of e-mails and frantic phone calls which ac as exclamation points throughout the day.I’m busy and productive and frustrated that while I’m busy, I am not getting to the things I thought I was getting to. I have a stack of DVDs and books requiring attention, other e-mails to answer and maybe it’s time for lunch.

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