Past, Present, Future

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Every time you think you’re getting ahead, something from the past calls attention to itself, demanding notice.This week, as Famous Monsters goes live, I’ve also been trying to get some future work off the ground. However, I finally got my notes back on the Bataan Death March project which meant integrating notes from both the expert (someone who survived the March) and the editor. As I was working on that, the Deserts book reared up from the dim past and also required some attention. Oddly, the editor said it required little work on his part, just some chapter names and subheads from me. I struggled to make this an interesting project and proved to be the Rosen Book to receive the lightest editorial touch. Go figure.However, Bataan and Deserts are now done and back with their respective editors. I await word from my future editors on my next three projects. This means I got to spend the afternoon cleaning my desk, paying bills and getting ready to fly south tomorrow for a family wedding.

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