Week Twenty

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This was an odd week for Robbie as he spent much of it with his grandmother, who came to help out at the hospital while I attended the Florida wedding.Only, he never was admitted.With great anticipation, Robbie arrived Tuesday morning, packed and ready to begin the fifth and final round. Once his blood was drawn, though, it was learned his ANC count was 860, too low to begin. So, Deb and Dr. Massaro pulled out the calendars and began figuring out the optimal schedule. Of concern here was Relay for Life, the cancer fund-raising race that features a team in tribute to the kid. He and other survivors are to walk the first lap when the race kicks off next Saturday. The earliest he could be admitted was Friday which meant he’d miss it.The decision was made to delay admission a full week, until Tuesday. This way, he was cleared to attend a family party in New Hampshire later today. He’d go in Tuesday, come home Thursday, attend the race over the weekend, then go back in the following Tuesday for the last portion of round five. It’s an oddly timed protocol with his discharge in between always part of the roadmap.The one complication is now the rest of June into July as the week’s delay means he’ll be susceptible to infection right when we have other weddings and family activities planned. The weddings are outdoors which helps but as we’ve learned the tired bone marrow takes its time recovering. The other issue now is Shore Leave. Will he be safely recovered enough to allow him to freely attend the con, sharing close quarters with 1500 other people for three days? Only time will answer that question.He was disappointed, ready to start and have this end. Still, it’s all for the best, so his body is in optimal condition to receive the chemotherapy.Robbie spent the remainder of the week with his family although he managed to get out and spend time with friends two days, which helped his spirits tremendously.

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  1. Robbie,Be stalwart, but don’t fake being brave if it’s too much for you. Even grown men need someone to hold at times like this. My best to you during the trails to come. Know that many are pulling for you, even those you’ve never met.Oh, and here’s a secret for you. If you’ve ever suspected that girls your age are weird, you’re right.

  2. The weeks went back too fast: Already round five! Alomost there Robbie. You have been and are so strong and determined. I can’t wait to see you.LovePazzi

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