Time Flies

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Time sure flies when you’re working hard.This week it’s been writing, editing, planning, meetings, clinic and so much more that by dinner time last night I was exhausted.It’s actually tiring to shift gears from project to project throughout the day let alone actually do the work. Each day starts with e-mail then Famous Monsters (and if you haven’t checked it out yet, please do). Along the way, I’ll do the project managing required for the Microsoft comic strip or developing other ACE business. The latter has been increasing of late as we close in on a new deal to keep us busy.By lunchtime, I try and have all that wrapped so I can devote the afternoon to writing my new projects. One requires writing, the other requires, for now, just reading, so making time for concentrated bursts of either has been a challenge. The phone rings, e-mails continue to arrive, many requiring attention. Danny Fingeroth has started the wheels moving on the next issue of his Write Now! so I’ve lent a hand to get it rolling including a terrific in-depth interview with Max Allan Collins.Monday was also a trip to New York City where I had a wonderful lunch with my DC pals Terri Cunningham and Bob Wayne. I then attended an ACE business meeting before rushing home to attend night the Public Works & Planning Standing Committee meeting which lasted until 11.Thursday turned out to be an all-day marathon at the Clinic as Robbie needed both red blood cells and platelets as his counts finally bottomed out so it’ll be uphill and healthy from here on out (we hope). That night I was also out at a Democratic Town Committee strategy meeting which was useful.Along the way, on the other nights, the family has been catching up on the new season of Doctor Who which has been a delight. We’ve been watching BBC-broadcast version courtesy of our pal T.A. Chafin and they’re so much nicer than the Sci-Fi broadcasts since they run uncut. A good season overall so far.And now that today’s FM news is posted, it’s off to my brother-in-law Jim’s wedding to the wonderful Jennifer. Happy weekend everyone.

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