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The publicity machine for the Essential Batman Encyclopedia continues and looks to continue for the next month until The Dark Knight opens July 18.Tom Spurgeon at his must-read The Comics Reporter runs a long interview with me that went live today. Tom covers the making of the book and much of the rest of my life so it’s one of the broadest and most in-depth pieces done to date.A shorter interview should be going live at Legions of Gotham any day now.I also tripped over a neat review at Omnivoracious. The best quote for me is, “From ‘Abbatoir’ to ‘Zur-En-Arrh’ (extra credit if you knew that was a planet), Greenberger brings the Learnin’ but makes it fun. Copiously illustrated with drawings, photographs, and some full-color comics action in the middle of it all, this batty encyclopedia means business.”

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  1. I bought The Essential Batman Encyclopedia yesterday, and have been impressed by the depth of information in the entries I’ve read so far.However, I’m curious about the entry for Two-Face. The entry states that Harvey Dent’s father had abused him, and that the senior Dent had used a two headed coin when “deciding” whether Harvey “deserved” it each time.That information about Harvey and his father comes from Batman Annual #14 (1990); and in that same story the adult Harvey Dent is betrayed by his assistant Adrian Fields, who helps get the fateful bottle of acid into the courtroom. Yet the entry for Two-Face, while obliquely referencing Batman Annual #14 via Dent’s father’s actions, never mentions Fields. Instead, the entry devotes a few paragraphs to the events of the later story Batman The Long Halloween and the betrayal of an assistant named Vernon (I take it the in-story explanation for this change centers around the subtle re-writing of history following the events of Zero Hour).Given that other entries have referenced contradictory information, “facts” changed by Crisis on Infinite Earths, Zero Hour, Infinite Crisis or other such “events” (the role of Joe Chill in Batman’s life is one example), I’m curious why the Fields betrayal was never mentioned— especially since you’d already referenced other events from the same issue in which he’d appeared.RickP.S. Also, why (at least in the preview) do my paragraphs run together?

  2. Bob,I recently relocated to DC. I work a p/t job at a bookstore downtown and noticed the Encyclopedia on an end-shelf the other day. Haven’t had time to flip through it yet, and hope to pick up a copy (with my discount) once my recent moving expenses have dwindled.

  3. I have to admit to a personal artistic preference for the Helfer/Sprouse story from Batman Annual # 14 over The Long Hallowe’en/Dark Victory version. Andy Helfer nailed the spirit of what Harvey was and what he became.

  4. Hey Bob, I just wanted to let you know I’m a big fan of the Batman encyclopedia – my friend called me the other day to have a long discussion about some of the specific details included within it, and it just blows us away. We found it helpful to get the actual age of Tim Drake when he was at that fateful Haley’s Circus gone awry as no one has ever really pinned a date to the wily little boy who becomes the third Robin.It’s rather enthralling to hear that you’re from Connecticut, as I am too (I have before me your small spot in the July Connecticut magazine). Congrats on the book!

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