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Tomorrow I’ll detail more about a substantial part of the week but I will apologize for not posting much this week at all.Part of it has been because Robbie is back in the hospital dealing with an expected infection.Part of it has been the crush of work. I’m plowing ahead on one of my unnamed projects (having written something like 17,000 words this week), trying to get it out of the way of the other unnamed project. Sure enough, yesterday, a few hundred pages (close to 900) of material arrived for my review and the beginning of editing it down into something, ahem, concise.A few other freelance things also came up: one short project, I’m told is coming back to me for revision; another has been given a green light for an outline (more another time). This is all good since it keeps me going and continues to encourage me in my freelance life.Our Microsoft comic strip has hit the dreaded deadline doom a few times of late and the stress is beginning to be felt by those of us actively producing material. We’ve also started gearing up for a new project which has taken time.Monday was RTM and this time it was recorded by FairTV for future public access broadcast. For a full agenda, the night zipped by and we were done, surprisingly, before 10.I also lost most of Wednesday. Since we’ve talked about many medical things, I’ll mention that at nearly 50 it was time for the first colonoscopy. There’s a genetic predisposition in the family, I recently learned, so it became imperative not to put this off. Most people think of it as something icky and Dave Barry has written wonderfully about the dread. It’s also much ado about nothing since you’re not awake for it. Fortunately, everything checked out fine but the sedation did leave me at less than peak condition for the next few hours.I will urge all those who have put it off, not to.It’s been a busy and productive week.

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  1. Dude, I had it done about 8 months ago. The preparation was worse than the actual procedure, in no small part due to my lovely wife’s sense of humor. Here I am on heavy laxatives, and my wife thinks it’s funny to make me laugh by telling me that the doctor and the nurse will be dressed as Greys during the procedure. She also wanted to take a pen and write “this way to the egress” on my butt! I could not stop laughing!! To make matters worse, the doctor played Bach’s “Toccata and Fugue in C Minor” during the procedure. Everyone was a comedian!

  2. Crohn’s means getting ‘scoped on a regular basis. Only I barf the prep stuff. Fun times. Thank you for the Dave Barry piece–that was can’t-breath-funny, I needed that for the next time up. I am so saving that!

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