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Over the course of the last six months, we have been utterly amazed at the outpouring of love, support and help we’ve received from one and all. I am continually reminded of this especially after yesterday’s visit from Peter David and Mike Friedman.As many long time readers know, Mike, Peter and I perform Mystery Trekkie Theater exclusively at Shore Leave every July. We style ourselves after Mystery Science Theater and mock Star Trek episodes complete with puppet, opening skit, etc.Last year, when both Mike and I had to miss it, we were replaced by Glenn Hauman and Keith DeCandido. Fine fellows and I love them for the help.We’ve been trying to work out a rehearsal schedule where the master script is created from our combined notes. Much of the final script occurs to us as we feed off one another in a group setting. The 50-minute episodes require hours since we tend to break ourselves up or rewatch a 5 second sequence, convinced there’s a line buried in there. With Mike’s teaching schedule and Peter’s frequent travel it’s always a challenge but we settled on this week.Then, Robbie went back into the hospital. I asked to postpone or have them work without me. Peter refused insisting it’s one for all and all for one. After all, he helps select the episode and provide the opening skit, I make sure we rehearse and write the master script and Mike makes the fart jokes. He said they’d come to New Haven.Yesterday, Kate collected them from the Long Island ferry and brought them to the room where a cheerful kid awaited them. We got ourselves settled in, rehearsed the opening skit (another laugh out loud bit complete with surprise guest star) then worked on the episode. Deb wisely excused herself for a few hours while Kate and Robbie, watched, laughed and contributed.Our poor nurses weren’t sure what to make of us but liked how we were all enjoying ourselves. Peter finally explained it to them as they fussed with his various IV bags. They didn’t indulge themselves and stick around to watch us at work.With a lunch break (featuring a surprise phone call from Kevin Dilmore) we still managed to get our work done from 11-2:30, a little longer than usual but just as much fun.It was great to see Robbie laugh and delight in the visit. It was great to see the guys whom I haven’t seen in ages.My friends honor us.

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  1. Bob-Glad some laughter can come into your life (and Robbie’s). We all need it. Sue and I send our love and prayers to all of you. You guys are a shining beacon of hope in the night.Our prayers go with you all.May God bless you all as well.Thanks for the friendship for so many years.Love-Tom and Sue Lyle

  2. Bob and all-Well, glad to read that some laughter came into all your lives today. Friends are good for that kind of thing.Btw, thanks for being my friend for the last 20 years.Our prayers, love, energy and support all go to you and your family, especially Robbie.Love to you all.Tom and Sue Lyle

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