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We haven’t talked about work in a while so I figured it’s time for an update.Each day I continue to write for Famous Monsters of Filmland and do my work for the Heroes Happen Here web comic strip. The latter is winding up its six month run and it’s been quite the experience. The graphic novel project I’m managing for ACE is also a month away from completion and I’m pleased to say we’re on target. The other ACE graphic novel project is about ready to be announced by a publisher, hopefully next week at San Diego. It’ll be published in November if all goes according to plan and having seen the first pages of color, I think it looks great. I am also attached to a new consultancy project that ACE is about to contract for so that could be cool, too.The rest of the day is doing the odds and ends little projects along with the big projects. I did two short jobs for different DC Comics departments over the last few weeks, along with completing my essays for another themed non-fiction collection, this one called Haunted Museums and it should be out next May. And I get distracted tidying up previous projects like proofing galleys to Biomes: Deserts, which I did at Shore Leave and this week I have to finish the galleys to Bataan Death March.I had two major projects for the summer, one is for DC Comics and not yet announced. It has been first drafted and needs a polish but overall it’s not a bad bit of work. The other was the previously mentioned massive editing project. Unfortunately, materials got to me late, while Robbie was back in the hospital, and getting my head wrapped around it has proven difficult. Last week’s setbacks haven’t helped and I admit to being worried about it.Post-summer, I have my first YA fiction assignment which is another media tie-in but one I’m pleased about. The other is something I lobbied for and was delighted to receive, a media tie-in original novel. I need to take the chosen springboard and expand it into a full outline then get to writing. A different media tie-in project inches along for a full proposal to the editor. I also have springboards cooking for another project but, tantalizingly it’s the same media tie-in property, but a different editor and publisher.I also had a meeting last week that could lead into a long-term consultancy that has me very excited on a number of levels. I’ll know more post-San Diego.My first anniversary as a fulltime freelance writer approaches in a few short weeks and it looks like I will sail right by the deadline and keep going which is a pleasant surprise. When this all began, I had no idea what was going to happen and the work continues to pop up from unexpected places.

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  1. Congratulations on your growing success with your writing! And, as ever, my best wishes to all the family, Robbie in particular. I think of you all every time I wear my gorgeous maroon socks.

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