Bone Marrow Drive in Fairfield

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So, let me tell you about the Community Theatre. It used to be a single screen theater servicing Fairfield since the early 20th century. Sometime in the past it was twinned and became part of the Sony chain. Eventually, it was shuttered and lay dormant.Leo Redgate formed the Community Theatre Foundation and resurrected the place as a second-run house staffed largely by volunteers. These volunteers are almost 100% high school students learning some valuable job skills and having a ball. Robbie practically lived there, putting in countless hours. If it was Saturday night, you could find him downtown.As a result, he earned Leo’s trust and admiration which manifested itself early on by being asked to be on the crew for special events. It’s how Robbie got to meet Paul Newman and Johnny Depp. His work resulted in a scholarship when he graduated high school.Leo has been in touch regularly since Robbie’s leukemia was diagnosed and he keeps asking how he can help. On his own, he decided to use the Community Theater Foundation to help with a Bone Marrow Registration Drive.The last one in town was just a few weeks back and thanks to his pals, 101 people were registered. Now Leo’s trying to do the same. For those in the vicinity here are the details:Telephone Number: 800-676-4545Drive Name: NE/Community DriveDrive Location: Community TheatreAddress: Foundation 1424 Post Road, Fairfield , CT 06824Drive Date: Aug 22 2008Drive Time: 3:00PM – 6:00PMWhat to expectJoining the NMDP Registry is easy. Patients need donors who are between the ages of 18 and 60, meet the health guidelines and are willing to donate to any patient in need.When you come to a donor drive, we will explain what it means to become a donor, help you understand your commitment, answer your questions and help you through the process.All you need to do is:• Complete a registration form with contact information, health history questions and a signed agreement to join the NMDP Registry. To help you complete the form, bring along:o Personal identification (such as a driver’s license or passport)o Contact information for two family members or friends who would know how to reach you in the future if your address changes.• Pay for tissue-typing costs, in some cases (tax deductible donation).• Give either a swab of cheek cells or a blood sample so your tissue type can be tested.That’s it! Your tissue type is then added to the NMDP Registry. Doctors search our Registry when they need to find a donor for their patients.

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  1. I am now a bone marrow donor with the Anthony Nolan Trust 🙂 The more the better!!!! My fingers are crossed…

  2. I provided a blood sample and registered 13 years ago. If memory serves, they said they do not purge their records; and, therefore, there is no need to re-register. Is this accurate? If not, I’ll investigate re-registering locally.Thanks. And all the best to your family.

  3. Dear Mr. and Mrs. Greenberger:I have read elsewhere about the death of your son.I won’t say that I know how you feel because I don’t. My sons are healthy and alive. I can only conjecture the grief you’re feeling and hope that I never find out firsthand.I’ve read of what you’d done in your effort to save Robbie, and I think you are extraordinary people to have fought so hard for him. May he always shine in your memory.Next year in Luna City,David K. M. Klaus

  4. Bob and family,I heard from Sandy Zier this morning and am so sad to hear of your loss. I called Ian to let him know and he is devastated. I have had many losses in my life, one of which you and I shared, but I don’t know how I could possibly manage if anything happened to Ian. You are in my thoughts and prayers.

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