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Back to work.Nice being distracted with something new and shiny. Have you been looking at ComicMix this week? As we transition editors, the writing staff is in flux so I find myself doing a lot of the coverage at the moment. Fortunately, after all the practice with Famous Monsters, it’s been fairly painless.I enjoy tooling around comics and pop culture sites, dealing with publicists and setting up a news calendar so we can determine long-range coverage plans.Meantime, the rest of my freelance life is also back to work it seems. I just received my contributor copes to Tales of Zorro and must say, it’s a handsome looking book with fine illustrations. I do look forward to seeing what my fellow writers added to the adventurer’s legacy.Also, the final outline to the Iron Man novel got the green-light from my editor and its off to Marvel for their input.Additionally, I’m at work on researching and drafting a proposal for a comics project that popped up out of the blue which could be all sort of fun.I’ve also begun consulting with a convention on programming for 2009 and that should be fun and perhaps the easiest money I’ll earn this year.Sitting at the desk, iTunes playing in the background, IM up to keep tabs on friends and coworkers – it all feels so normal and a welcome change after the last month (or seven months).

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  1. Hi Bob, I’m very happy to see that something good has come along for you and that you have found, if even for a moment, some sense of normal life. You certainly deserve it. Here’s to better times 🙂

  2. ComicMix looks great… glad to see someone has realized it and is now exploiting your formidable gifts.Moving on is tough. When we lost Mom after her brain tumor, it was so surreal… it was hard to put life together when everywhere we looked we expected to see her there. Even the dogs felt it.When Dad came home without her, the pugs were going nuts trying to find her. They never had known life without her presence, and were deeply confused when she didn’t come home.Anyway, all the best to you. It’s great seeing you in print again.

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