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I believe in giving back or paying it forward, call it what you will.So infrequently do I get a chance to do this in my field, I wanted to make everyone aware of something that just kicked off today.As part of the fund raising for Jerry Siegel’s boyhood home, I have offered up a part in my forthcoming Iron Man novel. As I wrote here, the size of the part is entirely dependent on the amount raised.Already it has 11 bids and is up to $81 as I write this. For that much, you’re a victim of a terrorist attack.Anyway, I want everyone to know and have a chance for a little fame and fun.

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  1. So, how much does it take for the winner to kill off Stark in chapter one and be the protagonist for the rest of the book? : -)(Yeah, yeah, probably enough to completely renovate the house…)

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