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The overnight delivery trucks have been stopping by the house a lot more often these days, largely with stuff aimed for review or consideration at ComicMix but every so often something arrives that is a pleasant surprise.Today’s delivery included a copy of The DC Vault, written by my pal Martin Pasko. The Vault concept is about a year old and essentially includes an illustrated history and strewn throughout the book are plastic sleeves with replicas of key memorabilia. You’d think that given my tenures at DC, I’d have seen most everything that could be included in such a book, but no, I was surprised. There’s the facsimile of Double Action Comics #1, an ashcan quickly produced to secure trademark to the title.The real thrill is that two of the replicas came from my files. One is my handwritten notes regarding the plotting behind Crisis on Infinite Earths while the other is my typed memo (ostensibly from Marv Wolfman, Len Wein and myself), to the editors regarding the same project. And finally, I had thought to save Dick Giordano’s note to Jenette Kahn getting here final approval to kill Supergirl. It’s a very cool thrill to be a part of this “museum in a book” and a part of the company legacy.Late last week, I was also pleasantly surprised to receive from Marvel contributor copies to The Eternals Volume 2 and the Iron Manual. The former reprints, yet again, one of the two pieces I wrote about the original Eternals which the company has successfully reused in multiple places. The latter is a compilation of various Iron Man one-shots released prior to the film’s release. Now the collection is timed to the DVD release and my article from Marvel Spotlight about the early issues of Iron Man’s run in Tales of Suspense is reprinted. No additional compensation but that’s to be expected. At least the comp copies are appreciated.These are little thrills, and nice additions to the bookcase (which is rather stuffed these days).

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  1. Hoping they got all of that Eliot R. Brown tech art goodness in the latter of the Marvel volumes…and wishing someone would do something about the multiplying-like-rabbits classes of Helicarrier at SHIELD! 😀

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