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I haven’t done one of these since the spring it seems so it’s time to take stock.The frustrating thing is that several promising projects seem really likely then suddenly something happens and the project vanishes. In several recent cases, it had to do with licensee issues and that’s part of dealing with other people’s creations. On the other hand, the original fantasy project was given to an interested editor in March who went radio silent around May without having read the outline. A second editor asked to see it, and she went silent. A third editor is looking at it and maybe this time I can get a response.Anyway, here’s where I am:About to be PublishedWrite Now! #18 where I not only served as managing editor but also wrote about The Essential Batman Encyclopedia but did an extensive interview with Max Allan Collins.DeliveredBiomes: DesertsBataan Death MarchEarly Peoples — project reassignedHow to Lose a War: three essays.Back Issue #32: Interview with Len Wein and Marv Wolfman about Who’s WhoThe Brave & Bold Companion: Dick Giordano interview, Murray Boltinoff profile – book postponed to 2010 at the earliest.Story for Captain Midnight collectionHaunting Museums – The Strange and Uncanny Stories Behind the Most Mysterious Exhibits — to be published in May.Media Tie-in Non-Fiction Book – Licensor had issues, co-writer brought in, book in copy editing.Ndia Tie-in Fiction Book – Delivered in August.Wonder Woman: Essay for BenBella; awaiting edits and publication date.”Steel & Chrome” in Age of War: A Classic BattleTech Anthology: manuscript turned in to editor on December 1, 2005; on indefinite hold.On GoingNews Editor at ComicMix where I write an awful lot of news, reviews, and interviews.Editorial WorkAvalanche Comics Entertainment graphic novel 1: Book almost all drawn, lettered, being colored.Avalanche Comics Entertainment graphic novel 2: Book finally completed, seeking publisher.NextIron Man novel – awaiting comments on revised outlineProposed ProjectsOriginal fantasy duology cowritten with Aaron Rosenberg – being reviewed by editorOriginal urban fantasy – begging me to finish promiseMedia Tie-In novel – pitched December 2006, finally got editor’s interest, outline deliveredMedia Tie-In comic book miniseries – Licensee likely to rejectMedia Tie-In comic book miniseries – Deal may fall through for the licenseMedia tie-in non-fiction book: Pitch to editor September 13, 2007 no response as yet.Media tie-in book series: pitch due to editor November 3.Media tie-in book non-fiction 2: Pitch to editor October 2, 2007 no response as yet.”Things That Aren’t” sequel: Co-writer Michael A. Burstein is at work on the first draft.Actionopolis book: Started writing, awaiting revised deal memo; likely dead.

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