It was 28 Years Ago Today

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As you know, this hasn’t been a great year for celebrating the good stuff.Today, though, we’ll make an exception. After all, it was 28 years ago, on a (literally) dark and stormy night Deb and I got married.We very wisely built a foundation for our marriage before we added complications like a house or children. Since then, we’ve used that foundation to carry us through the bad times – the layoffs, thefts, injuries, and the like. And of course, without that bedrock beneath us, this year could well have crippled us all.Instead, we’ve managed to support one another during the months and the sad aftermath. As we adjust to our new life, we find we continue to enjoy one another’s company, planning to do things together, and supporting one another’s goals, dreams, and aspirations.I really cannot imagine life today without Deb by my side. She provides me with strength and encouragement. Indulges my fannishness and helps me where my expertise runs dry. She’s pushed me to test my boundaries, to try new things or get out of the house.I’m very fortunate to have found someone so early in my adult life so I can treasure each year we have together and watch the number grow. 28. Wow.

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  1. A most meritorius achievment. May it be just the beginning of a long and happy union.’Til we see one another again,Bob

  2. Bob and Deb, congratulations on your 28th anniversary. May you continue to enjoy each other’s company, love, and suppport for many years to come.

  3. Happy (belated) Anniversary, amigo! I didn’t realize we were only two days (and twenty-two years) behind you. 🙂

  4. This is very, very late-but heartfelt congratulations on your anniversary anyway. Love to you both-Diane Sahar (previously Baron)

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