A Good Weekend

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The weekend came and went far too quickly.Kate came late Thursday, in time for dinner and then off to Choir practice. On Friday, we did bunches of odds and ends, including a trip to the movies to see The Duchess, something I knew they both wanted to see. Keira Knightley was quite good and the movie was a fine outing.Saturday, our anniversary, we went to Rhinebeck for the annual sheep and wool festival. We’d been before but it was a first for Kate who wanted to be there as the gates opened at nine. We got there, with my brother-in-law Jim and his wife Jennifer, at 10, and she was unleashed. Of the quartet, I was the only one who did not knit but enjoyed the company. It wore us all out but we had a great time. The day ended as we met up with Deb’s brother Jeff for dinner.On Sunday, Jim, Jen and I reconvened at church to hear the choir. They performed a number that they had started rehearsing last spring but it wasn’t ready before the season ended. Instead, they postponed it until the fall and then picked this weekend so Kate could participate. Not only that, she soloed so we couldn’t miss it. The number was rousing and they sounded terrific with Kate belting it out despite a sore throat. It was one of the few times the people burst into spontaneous applause for a single number.After Sunday dinner, Kate left and Deb and I turned our attentions to readying my office for reconstruction. After a year-plus, I’ve come to realize I need more desk space. The desk I’ve been using was bought around 1990 and was great for a Macintosh but not the current laptop along with additional screen, keyboard and mouse. There was little room to actually do writing by hand or spreading documents. I also needed more shelving for books.Jeff is a contractor and we waited until he had a hole in his schedule to do the work. We set it for today so for the last few weeks, I’ve been emptying shelves and the desk, preparing to relocate my bare essentials to Robbie’s room until the work finishes. Today he arrived and we walked through the particulars from wiring to shelf size. He did the demo, bought the supplies and we got started. Once Jeff finishes, then I’ll go in to paint the shelves and wall then polyurethane the desktop.Ideally, we’d have gutted and redone the entire space but better than half the office will be transformed for today’s needs. I’m looking forward to watching this transform.

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