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The renovation work is proceeding apace and I’m enjoying seeing the results. On Monday, Jeff ripped out the ceiling tiles and dismantled the too-deep shelving then put all the refuse, including my old desk, into the minivan. He then collected all the new materials and was able to measure out the kind of new shelving I wanted and the depth of the new desk and the like.On Tuesday, I went to the dump and Deb went out for paint. While Jeff finished a different job, we resumed our normal routines as I adjusted to working out of Robbie’s room. It’s weird but manageable.Yesterday, Jeff put in the ceiling frame, high hat lights, and cut much of the shelving. He and Deb did all the rewiring which was one of the main reasons we needed to do this. I had wires coming out of the ceiling tile for the network router and cable modem and it was sloppy looking. Now, all of that wiring and hardware sits nicely in the junction box along with the circuit breakers. Once the door is restored, they will be neatly out of sight. Last night, I primed the new work space and some of the shelving.This morning I went downstairs first thing and finished priming the boards and the old desk wall while putting the first coat of paint on the new work space. By the time Jeff arrived, everything had dried and I was busy putting up news at ComicMix. He cut out the new desktop, installed smaller high hats over the desk and popped in the ceiling tiles which gave that small space a finished look.He’s off for the next few days so I have time to go back in for more wood priming and painting as well as painting the new back wall. We agreed it’ll be a lot easier to do the shelves before they go into place so I need to do as much as I can before he returns Tuesday. Of course, we’ve got weekend plans so I really have Friday and Monday for this but fortunately this stuff does dry quickly so I can get coats done every few hours.On top of all this, of course, there’re also the normal obligations. I had the Standing Committee on Public Works & Planning meeting Monday night and Tuesday night District 8’s RTM members held a public meeting to hear from the constituents. We had five people out of the district turn up but they seemed pleased to have us all to themselves. Later today, I head into the city for a meeting about some consulting work I’m doing and have been trying to clear the decks so first thing Monday (after a coat of paint), I can begin the Iron Man novel.It’s all very time consuming and busy but I admit things are getting done and we’re pleased with the results.

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