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The residual publicity surrounding The Essential Batman Encyclopedia chugs along. A few weeks back I was interviewed for The Batman Universe’s podcast, which I’m told has not gone live.If you go to their website, scroll down to episode 20.Meantime, a British grad student named Sukhraj Singh is making a mini-documentary about Gotham City and came to America this week to film interviews. His first stop was Manhattan so I headed into the Big Apple. We used a spare room above Jim Hanley’s Universe, opposite the Empire state Building, and chatted on camera for about 75 minutes about all things Gotham.I appreciated the time and effort Sukhraj took to make this painless for me. He found a job board at NYU and found a freshman willing to play camera/sound technician and they were set up and waiting as I arrived. His questions were thoughtful and he wisely gave us both a break about halfway through so he could check the playback and we could both rest. He even brought me a thank you gift which was a nice touch.He’ll be interviewing Denny O’Neil before jetting west to speak with Steve Englehart and one of the animators at Warner Bros.I certainly look forward to checking out the finished product.

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