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I’m sitting here in the basement office and it’s neat. My brother-in-law Jeff effectively built me a desk atop two filing cabinets in addition to lining the side walls with shelving. He took the wall where my desk was and built shelving. He also put in supports for one wall’s worth of shelving that desperately needed it. Additionally, he redid the ceiling and with Deb’s guidance, turned the cabinet for the electrical panel into the data center where the modems and routers now reside.My other brother-in-law, Jim, stopped by yesterday morning with Butcher’s Wax so we polished and buffed it up real nicely. I then retreated upstairs to work and figured I’d move in as time permitted.About 5:30 last night I started moving the computer gear downstairs and began all the wiring and connecting. By 7:15, when I had to go to a meeting, I had things well in hand plus four boxes unpacked to fill the desk and side shelving. So far so good.Except…There were wires everywhere. I had envisioned surge protectors under the desk so much of the excess cabling would be underneath. That wasn’t the case until Deb came downstairs to check it out. We agreed something needed doing so I ran out and got two fresh surge protectors, mounted them to the wall underneath the desk. Deb then spent quite a bit of time meticulously rewiring everything, coiling and Velcroing the excess so things were far neater. When she was done, the desk looked far more like I imagined it and things made sense.There remain too many boxes of books and things to unpack and more stuff to organize but it will all have to wait.ComicMix and Iron Man beckon. As do the proofs to a 2009 project I can’t talk about yet but they have to be read, annotated and returned by next Wednesday. Plus calls to make, people to see, stuff to read…no wonder I’m feeling overwhelmed.

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