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Haven’t spoke much about work stuff of late, beyond the ComixMix woes so let’s fix that.First of all, Tales of Zorro has been out for a bit but hasn’t garnered much press until Bookgasm fixed that. I appreciate having my story as one of the few singled out and I find it interesting the reviewer linked the 14 year old girl in my story to the 14 year old in Peter David’s. Not at all intentional but if it works, all the better.I’ve been working well into Iron Man, past the halfway point with 46,704 words at present. The deadline looms and he has been neglected since Saturday due to life getting in the way. ComicMix being a largely one-man operation sucks up a lot more time plus we’re in the time of month when RTM issues preoccupy me nearly daily.I shipped back the galleys to a project I can’t talk about yet but it’ll be out next summer and it looks really neat. This was just the first pass and it needs some significant work done before the second pass but boy, it looks neat.Work has begun on Write Now! #20 where I continue to aid Danny Fingeroth as managing editor. For that issue, I’ll be interviewing my old pal Colleen Doran which should be fun.The various pitches that were out the last time we chatted remain out.Some projects I thought I was doing have fallen through thanks to licensing issues. Something I thought I’d be pitching to has been delayed. And one project got as far as the first draft and then canceled by the publisher largely because I was the wrong guy for it and I guess it showed. They never said but do owe me a kill fee.What this all means is: I am busy today but come mid-December when Iron Man is delivered, I currently have nothing pending. On the one hand, that means I can enjoy the holidays with Deb. On the other, it means I’m not earning anything, a concern especially in this economy.

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