It Was Unanimous

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Even though members of the Representative Town Meeting are elected for two year terms, we still have an annual organizational meeting each November. At that time, we elect a new moderator and deputy moderator and the newly elected leader then reads obligatory reminders about ethics and Freedom of Information.Last year, I was elected and pretty much stopped commenting about the RTM given the position. It was an interesting experience, learning Robert’s Rules in a rush, trying to remember 49 other names in addition to people coming before the body. I was following in some very big shoes and certainly was a bundle of nerves the first night. Since then, I’ve eased into the role and have grown to enjoy the experience. I think I’ve tried to be fair to all and keep the conversations moving without bogging down in procedural issues.I was all too happy to be considered once more at last night’s meeting. We democrats fully expected the republicans to put up their own candidate as they have in the past, despite being in the minority making it a somewhat useless exercise.As a result, I was pleasantly surprised to see the minority leader, Jim Walsh, raise his hand to second my nomination after majority leader Brian O’Gara said lovely things about my first year of service.Suddenly, it was a unanimous vote and I was delighted. Taking the podium, I accepted a nomination for deputy. Once Cristin McCarthy-Vahey’s name was proposed, Alexis Harrison, another republican seconded it. So, we were both reelected unanimously which set the positive tone for the next year.With a tough economy, and the need for some school construction, this looks to be a difficult year so we certainly won’t be bored as we volunteers continue to serve our town.

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