Robbie’s Christmas Stocking

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I’ve spoken often about Robbie and his affect on people. What I haven’t spoken enough about are his amazing friends. They rallied around him in person, through e-mail and through notes and cards for his entire illness.Even after his passing, they continue to rally. One of his closest friends was Naomi Hagel, As she has written, “Robbie was my little brother, yet somehow my protector.” Every Christmas they would exchange stuffed animals and this year she missed having someone to gift.“As I told my father this, he suggested I buy a stuffed animal for the Children’s Hospital, for those who can use it,” she wrote and from there, Robbie’s Christmas Stocking took root. She created the Facebook page and invited everyone she knew.To date, 136 people have graciously agreed to participate in one way or another. Word has spread. Yesterday, she was contacted by the Fairfield Citizen-News and today she did a brief bit for WEBE 107.9 radio. The station donated a $300 gift card to Toys R Us and will broadcast the bit in about three days.The drive wraps up late next week and I gather we will be helping Naomi and her cohort Roo Bosco schlep a ton of things to Yale-New Haven. I couldn’t be prouder of these people and their efforts.

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