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Iron Man is off to my editor. This morning I managed to go in and finish the last 60 pages of manuscript polish, adding in some bits I had forgotten, and cleaning up the action a bit. My editor, my pal Steve Saffel, now has to read it and tell me what needs tightening, rewriting, and strengthening before he has to deliver his edited version to DelRey in early January.Meantime, work has begun on the cover and I just saw first draft cover copy which makes the book sound exciting. With luck, the contents will match.Overall, I am please with the book and recognize it could be stronger in spots, which is why I always seek to work with a strong editor. Some of the character arcs work well and I think the supporting cast gets there chance to shine. If anyone is underserved its Happy Hogan but not everyone can be the star.After it’s formally delivered, I’ll riff a bit about the process and choices made in adapting stories and character from a particular moment in Marvel history.I’m thrilled its delivered, on time no less, because now I can concentrate on the holidays. I have one short thing to deliver to DC and no doubt other little things will crop up, but essentially I can spend my afternoons on things like shopping, wrapping, shipping and then unpacking the home office (at last).What will January bring for work? Well, that’s an interesting question. I just got a small assignment from Marvel for Marvel Spotlight but beyond that, it depends on which proposals get read or green lit. It may depend more on editors calling me with stuff I haven’t even heard about yet. Since going fulltime freelance, I am approaching my first work slowdown and the timing could be better since it appears emblematic of the general economy’s downturn.I remain cautiously optimistic I will remain gainfully employed by ComicMix and my other time will be spoken for with paying assignments.

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