Let the Holidays Commence

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Done.I delivered my final outstanding freelance assignment a little while ago, updated ComicMix into Sunday morning and can actually enjoy the holidays.There’s always something more to do, but essentially, I can kick back and be with Deb and Kate and enjoy tonight and tomorrow knowing there’s nothing pressing waiting for me.It’s been a struggle this month to fit everything in as the Iron Man novel proved a little tougher than I thought plus time lost to proofing other projects, getting more involved in the political life thanks to the Madoff investment mess, and the usual time-consuming holiday stuff.Just as I hit send, the phone rang with some disappointing news which we’ll talk about another time. Right now, though, I am shutting down and resting. So, to one and all, a Merry Christmas, a Happy Hanukah, and a joyous, safe, restful holiday season.

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  1. Dear Bob, Deb and Kate,I thank you from the bottom of my heart for being the wonderful family that you are. Robbie was indeed a favourite of mine, for reasons too many to mention. I was proud of him for qualities that I value in my two sons and secretly often wondered how brilliant it would be if he ever dated my daughter (I think every mother does that…)I gave Robbie a couple of presents (the Beanie Baby Dogs) because he had the German Sheppard one that I very much coveted from afar. Robbie lit up and we talked about dogs. He said the only breed he as not a great fan of was poodles and I never told him that my name was given to the pink poodle Beanie. Oh the shame! Even though he would have laughed, and probably agreed a pink poodle and I have some similarities.To be fair I would have had it coming because I’ve just remembered that I gave him Bongo the monkey.How many young men could you even think about giving such a silly gift too? Is there any better measure of an impeccable upbringing?I am recovering from surgery and miss being at work terribly, so hearing of your generosity and the warm hearts of everyone that donated to 7 – West. This Christmas Eve hour I think of you all and know that there are beautiful, wonderfully kind people in this world.From my family to your, Brigitte

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