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Christmas Eve and Christmas Day proved tougher than I imagined. Robbie so delighted in Christmas that his absence was very keenly felt. I was invited to sit in the choir loft with Deb and Kate during the Midnight Mass so I wouldn’t be on my own in the pews. Mike, the hcoir director, had a few seats set aside for strays like me and I admit it was good to be with people. Even so, I hadn’t really been to the church since the funeral and it was hard.Christmas morning also proved difficult because I kept imagining Robbie in the easy chair, a big grin on his ten year old face, hugging each unwrapped gift, cherishing it as his absolute favorite, until the next package.Santa was good to the three of us. I got new shirts, socks, and a sweater which were all needed. I also received the 16-CD box set of Monty Python for my viewing pleasure along with the new Yo-Yo Ma CD. My brother gifted me with the complete Banacek so I have plenty to watch.Deb loved her gifts, as did Kate, although both received things that required us to hit the mall today. Three-plus hours later, we returned, with even more stuff thanks to the unbeatable sales.Yesterday was spent at my brother-in-law’s house. Jim & Jennifer fed us all day long as we enjoyed Tropic Thunder which we gave his son Zach. It was an Italian feast which was a change in routine, something to distract us. They also gave me this year’s Star Trek ornaments, which Deb reluctantly allowed me to put on the tree last night.In theory the rest of the weekend should be restful and low key, which I truly am looking forward to.Was Santa good to everyone else?

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  1. We had our own bittersweet Christmas yesterday. Through it all, we managed to put on a great meal, and everybody had presents.You and yours were in my thoughts, too. [[[hugs]]]

  2. It was a relaxing holiday, which we needed in the face of the upcoming fiscal year and the surprise! last week that one side of our roof is cracked and needs immediate replacing.I gave up last year, and the Trek ornaments now have a small tree of their own.If it’s the same Yo-Yo Ma CD we got in at work, it’s excellent. I’m not a huge classical music fan, but I really enjoyed this one, a holiday-themed piece with a huge variety of styles.Thinking of you guys often, Bob. Peace, and best wishes for the coming year.

  3. My mother-in-law used to put the ornaments she didn’t like that her husband did, like his plaster-of-paris Jack-o-lantern one he’d made (for Christmas?!) on the side of the tree most likely to get hit hardest the next time the cat knocked the tree over. So they would break. Worked, too, except for that one pumpkin face one.

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