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Back in the summer, I mentioned I had written several projects I could not speak about at the publishers’ request.This week, word on one of them went out so it’s finally safe to talk about. Minnesota’s Stone Arch Books has licensed DC’s heroes for a series of chapter books for younger readers with the first titles available now.There will be a total of 48 over the next few years, evenly spread between Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman. In August, I wrote one with Batman which is not yet on the schedule. The book is called Arctic Attack and pits the Dynamic Duo against Ra’s al Ghul.It was nice to see the manuscript pass through DC’s approval process unscathed and I await seeing proofs along with the illustrations.The better news is that I have been invited to write a second Batman book for the line and will work up the synopsis tomorrow.For those keeping score at home, that means I have this small book and an article for Marvel Spotlight as confirmed assignments moving into the New Year. Lots of pitches out there for other stuff so we’re crossing our fingers.

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