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Last Monday, I attended a press conference conducted by our First Selectman. While there, our assistant town attorney turned up cuddling a ginger-colored, 20 pound dog named, appropriately enough, Ginger. Apparently, she had been abandoned three months ago and had been residing at Animal Control but needed socialization to ready her for adoption. Eileen took her in to help retrain her but couldn’t keep her since she already had two dogs.Ginger was so timid and soft to pet. She’s a mixed breed, at least 2 years old, but no one knew. She was found without a collar and no one has come looking for her.Anyway, the dog wound up on camera as Cablevision’s news channel 12 covered the conference while I took some camera phone pics to show Deb.Yes, she was soft and cuddly and appealing.Deb and Kate laughed when I mentioned it since they are the ones more likely to rescue animals, as they did when they convinced us to adopt Ben nine years ago. Kate proclaimed it was my turn.Deb and Ginger met on Wednesday night and they go along rather well. We then decided to try the dogs on neutral territory. A dreary Sunday found the dogs sniffing one another and walking sort of near one another as we strolled around the parking lot. So far, so good.We decided to go for it.Last night, we met at Animal Control and did all the paperwork and by 6:45, Ginger was ours. We brought her home and as we walked in, Dixie was in the basement so the new dog could wander about and get a sense of her new residence. She looked about, sniffed, leapt up and settled on the hassock and seemed content. We had set up the old crate and let her sleep there for the evening although she whined a bit.This morning, we tried to introduce the two and Dixie seemed far more aggressive. So, we kept them apart for a while then Deb took Dixie for a long walk and we joined them for the final two blocks. It went somewhat better so we think it’ll just be a matter of time.

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  1. Bob,Congratulations! Sue and I took in our first dog this past September. It really is a great feeling to know you’re saving an animal rather than lining the pockets of a breeder.

  2. Wonderful! We’re still in the throes of a new Doxie we got in Nov. (Snickerdoodle). It took 2 weeks and veterinary tranquilizers for the last dog to get used to him, but on the dawn of day 14, they were best friends. Give it time.

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