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So, what’s been going on with work and home?The work remains exceedingly slow. January is coming to a close and the proposals that sat on editors’ desks in December remain firmly in place.Of the work I do have, the second Batman book for Stone Arch has been first drafted and will be polished and delivered this week.I have begun conducting interviews for the Marvel Spotlight article assignment.The amiable Bill Fawcett has invited me to write 4-5 essays for another one of his collections, and once we determine the topics I can begin writing and researching about errors made during World War II.Of course there remains the third pass on Batman Vault, copyedits on Iron Man (which now has a pub date of June 23 for those keeping score at home), and anything Stone Arch wants to show me on the first Batman book.New York Comic-Con is rapidly approaching and my consulting with them has resulted in my wrangling four panels for them, three I will be moderating, so that should be fun. It also means I’ll be there all three days and networking like a maniac.After that, everything else is spec work. I have a solo project getting dusted off along plus four different collaborations in the works which should mean the law of averages says something should come from these.I’m also putting together my very first PowerPoint presentation; illustrations to accompany a talk I will be giving at the Fairfield Public Library on March 3 entitled “A Picturesque History of the Graphic Novel”. Deb is showing me how it’s done since she is rather practiced and good at it.Here at home, the two dogs are getting along just swell now that they’ve gotten used to one another. Ginger’s real personality is starting to show and Deb is convinced we’ve adopted a mischievous jackrabbit disguised as a small dog.

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