Another Farpoint is Done

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The hotel’s internet connection was down all Sunday so I’ve been playing catch up in a rush and wanted to post this before hitting the road for home.We got through Saturday fairly well but of course, Sunday had people continue to walk up and hugs us, offering additional comments.The con itself adapted wonderfully to its new space. Everything was compact, allowing for people to get from point A to point B in quick time. The main ballroom was smaller than we were used to but everyone fit in snuggly.The comics track panels I participated in were sparsely attended, okay one woman showed up as the only attendee for two of them (stragglers followed eventually). Still, she came so we spoke.My other obligations went off smoothly. Our masquerade was a nice event with just 20 entrees but some very fine ones from newcomers made us vets appreciate them all the more. The Boogie Knights had a great performance, as usual, debuting two new songs.As usual, my real complaint had to do with the deejay for Ten Forward, the Saturday night dance. She regularly chased people off the dance floor with a poor mix of tunes and then didn’t adjust to get them back. It also seemed to get louder with every passing hour.It was great to actually spend time with pals like the Davids, Mike Friedman, Howard Weinstein, Allyn Gibson and Alan Chafin – guys I don’t see often enough. Dave Galanter, a fellow novelist, relocated to the area and was a guest but I barely saw him to chat which was a shame.Of course, time with Kate was an extra treat and once the con wound down yesterday afternoon, we had some time to hang with other friends and then dinner together before collapsing in the room.Overall, it was a fine, smooth weekend. Emotionally, better than we expected, and it was great to be back at a con with friends.

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  1. Bob, my only complaint with the Ten-Forward dance was that I neglected to wear earplugs. My ears were still ringing into Sunday morning. :)It was great seeing you this weekend!

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