Projects Done, Time for a Cold

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From all the comments received on Facebook, it appears that a cold was an unexpected door prize for attending Farpoint this past weekend. It began its descent on Wednesday and by yesterday afternoon even the simplest tasks were requiring total focus.Fortunately, I completed some projects this week before the fog arrived, and have time before the next deadline. As a result, I’m catching up on some video reviewing for ComicMix and Famous Monsters of Filmland and pacing myself.The Marvel-requested changes on Iron Man: Femme Fatales didn’t require a lot of effort. In fact, the book is a mere 250 words shorter but still in excess of the 85,000 words contracted. I even found one more thing to change that Marvel Licensing missed and tossed that in to make certain the book hewed as close to the comics as possible.I also completed my work on a proposal for a project that would be something different for me. It’s in collaboration with two others so once the editor has all three pieces, we’ll see if the company likes it enough to go to contract.My pieces for Star Trek Magazine was also completed and delivered and Paul Simpson seems pleased with the efforts.And now it’s back to my essays, one down, four to go and a deadline in March.

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  1. After years of post-con colds, I’ve learned. I start on Claritin or other allergy medication the day before, up through the last day. No more Con Crud and Hotel Hanta!

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