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For whatever reason, researching and writing these World War II-related essays has proven tougher than I imagined.  However, on Friday, I completed the first draft of the final essay and can now let them marinate for a little bit before polishing and delivering.So, what’s next for a paying gig? Some book jacket copy for Marvel. And then…?Well, that’s the interesting question. Since I began fulltime freelancing, my plate has been generally full or near full and the phone would unexpectedly ring and something new would crop up.Since Thanksgiving, not so much.  I’ve beaten the bushes and been in touch with people, I certainly had my share of meetings at the NY Comic-Con but while there are lots of tantalizing possibilities, no concrete offers have been made.  I have materials sitting on various editorial desks and no one is saying yes, no one is saying no.  An odd paralysis seems to have settled over publishing as everyone tries to ride out the economic storm without taking a risk.There may be some signs of life, though.  On Thursday, I was in NYC for two meetings, both of which could well lead to new assignments.  On Friday, the phone did ring with DC Comics’ Creative Services department wanting to hire me for some short term work and that’ll be money in the bank.(Also yesterday, I saw a revised cover design for Iron Man: Femme Fatales and I am much happier.)I have enough spec stuff to dig into to stay busy but this year’s cash flow has been significantly lessened compared with this time last year and of course that’s a concern.  Deb remains incredibly supportive as we ride this out.  I just need to remain realistic and optimistic.

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  1. I’m sure some good stuff will come along. I think you should be pitching the novelization of the “Suicide Squad” film, should it actually come to pass!On the “Iron Man” novel: This is one of my grammatical pet peeves, but should it not be “Femmes Fatale”? It is the “femme” part that is plural, as that is the part referring to the woman.” “Fatale” is the “deadly” part. “Femme Fatales” would be “deadlys woman,” while “Femmes Fatale” would be “deadly women.” Similarly, it should be “films noir” and “attorneys general.” Just sayin’. I look forward to the novel either way!

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