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When Moonstone announced their acquisition of the Green Hornet license at the NY Comic-Con, I had a chance to personally congratulate publisher Joe Gentile on the smart move.  And of course, I knew what was coming next. There’d be a comic, of course, but also a prose anthology and he invited me to contribute a piece (that’ll be me under “…and scores more!”).To date, I have written four stories for Moonstone anthologies, one of which is in print, two somehow vanished and a fourth remains in the editor’s hands. I like writing these and when they work, they’re a tremendous amount of fun.  I see the bar has been raised a bit with the names attached to the new book, announced Saturday. Take a look at the release:CHICAGO, Feb. 28, 2009 – Moonstone has announced plans to publish several original short story collections featuring radio, film, comic book and television heroes The Green Hornet and Kato.  The debut entry is expected to hit the streets by late 2009.Bold newspaper publisher Britt Reid (the Green Hornet’s alter ego) along with his faithful valet and ally Kato have thrilled audiences with their daring adventures as they “hunt the biggest of all game, public enemies who try to destroy our America” ever since springing from the imaginations of George W. Trendle and Fran Striker in 1936.  Fans have longed for the green-masked crime fighter to once again match wits with and bring down the criminal underworld.Like his fictional granduncle The Lone Ranger, The Green Hornet differs from other masked heroes because he is a wanted outlaw himself.  This is his ‘edge”, which enables him to effectively destroy crime from within. The Green Hornet and Kato stalk their prey from their sleek rolling arsenal known as the Black Beauty, whose high-pitched buzzing engine evokes the memorable “Flight of the Bumblebee” theme music that hailed each new radio and television episode.“We’re obviously thrilled to add The Green Hornet to our stable of licensed properties,” said Moonstone publisher and The Green Hornet editor Joe Gentile.  “As a huge fan, I’ve dreamed of bringing back and adding to these great characters’ legacy.  It is an honor and a responsibility we take very seriously. I can’t wait to see the new crime fiction stories come in from the many talented authors we have lined up.”The Hornet’s return has created quite a buzz among today’s top writers from mystery, suspense, science fiction and pulp fiction.  Contributing authors include Harlan Ellison, Max Allan Collins, Ed Gorman, Mel Odom, Greg Cox, Will Murray, Ron Marz and scores more!  Actor Van Williams, who starred in the 1960’s television show along with expert martial artist Bruce Lee as Kato, will introduce the first prose volume.Moonstone tapped acclaimed former Disney artist Rubén Procopio, now principal of Masked Avenger Studios, to art direct and contribute cover art and interior illustrations for each volume.  “It’s a dream project to explore new facets of one of my all-time favorite masked heroes… and ‘protect the rights and lives of decent citizens!’” said Procopio, recalling a memorable line from the television show.

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