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Lunacon is coming up in just two weeks and I received my schedule. The con for me tends to be more social than useful for self-promotion or business but one never knows.  I do know that not seeing my NYC-based pals weekly as I used to, I find myself looking forward to the weekend.Here are my panels:Saturday 11:00 – 12:00:00 PM    Grand CenterDeep Space 9 Retrospective: The Thinking Person’s Star Trek SeriesFarthest from Roddenberry’s original vision, Deep Space 9 was relatively fixed in place and as much concerned with emotional, moral, and spiritual journeys as with adventure and the Dominion war. What are the insights we can draw from it now, in the twenty-first century?Bob Greenberger, Russell J. Handelman [M], Dan Persons, Susan Shwartz,8:00 – 11:00 PM Grand CenterMasqueradeWith Joel Lord as MC and Bob Greenberger hosting the halftime show.Sunday11:00 – 12:00 PM OdelleGenre in Comic BooksSuper-heroes rule the comic book landscape, yet today it seems like more adventure, crime, horror, science fiction, slice o’ life, and western comics are being published than there have been for decades. Are these genres successful? Why is the variety good or bad for the industry? Is it an uphill battle for creators to pursue these genres? What are some of the best non-super-hero reads comic fans might be missing?Dennis Anfuso, James Chambers, Bob Greenberger [M], Glenn Hauman, Hal Johnson

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