Fifteen Minutes that Changed my World

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Life is suddenly getting busier.This past week, I was working through the little bits and pieces I had to do and was about to turn my attentions to spec projects when there was a flurry of activity at week’s end that will now keep me insanely busy through the end of April.On Thursday, Kate and I traveled into New York City to join the DC staff in a screening of The Watchmen. I was invited largely because of my long history with the company and fleeting association with the project in its early days.To prepare, I wanted to reread the graphic novel but instead watched the Watchmen Complete Motion Comic DVD, which niftily animated Dave Gibbons’ wonderful artwork. Overall, I liked the film better than Kate but it was a terrific experience, especially seeing it with old pals.Upon returning home, at 5:13, I got an e-mail asking me to step in and help out a DC Licensed Publishing project that has experienced some problems. I was being asked to join the other writer and complete the project, writing over half the manuscript in nine weeks, delivering by April 30.Exactly fifteen minutes later, at 5:28, a company I have done some consulting for made me a formal offer to begin doing more extensive work for them, starting Monday, for about 10 hours a week, which will mean weekly trips to NYC. The future for this could be really bright so I’m curious to attend the first meeting and learn more.So, I have an intense short-term gig that will be stressful plus something that could be nicely long-term. Atop it all, its budget season here in Fairfield meaning more evenings spent at hearings.Come May 4, when we vote on the budget, I should be ready for a rest.

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