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Sorry for another protracted delay in writing.As I feared, I’ve allowed the two new gigs to consume my daylight hours. On the one hand, I like what I’m doing and that I’m finally earning some cash; on the other, this will be all-consuming until the short-term assignment is complete.Each day starts with some of the long-term work then moving over to finishing up the short pieces I’ve had or reviews for ComicMix. I’ve also finished a draft of an article on the goofy Secret Society of Super-Villains for an upcoming Back Issue and need to finish polishing my World War II essays which are due at month’s end.  The bulk my daylight hours are spent on the crash job and I’m making some progress and getting some good feedback.The best news came yesterday with word that Marvel has approved my minor changes to the Iron Man: Femme Fatales manuscript meaning the pages can be passed for press, meaning they can be copy edited then turned into galleys and still come out by June 23. The final tweaks are being made to the cover and I should have something to show off in the next week or two.I was out Monday and Wednesday night at budget hearings and tonight have another meeting, and as you can imagine we’re all using magnifying glasses to try and find savings to bring down the proposed budget and tax increase.  Pressure is building in town for us to pass a 0% increase and we’ll see if that’s practical or even possible.All of this eats into my personal time so I’m behind on television.  I have managed to read the new Robert B. Parker, Night & Day. The latest Jesse Stone novel, it’s an okay plot but the characters all take a big leap forward, making me look forward to the next one whenever that it.

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  1. Hello, Mr. Greenberger!Previously I had linked to your blog through Peter David’s website, but when that link disappeared, I kind of lost touch with you for a while. I’m going to try to be more “with it” from now on.I was very pleased to learn of the good news in terms of writing projects that you posted lately. I’ve already ordered my copy of your IRON MAN novel from the latest PREVIEWS and look forward to reading it. And, having found your Batman Encyclopedia fascinating, I am much looking forward to seeing the Superman volume, though I am saddened by Marty Pasko (whose work I have also long admired) pulling out of the project. Whatever his reasons, I wish him well.I was also intrigued to learn that you have an article coming up in BACK ISSUE about the Secret Society of Super-Villains…a personal big favorite of mine. In fact, the longest fanfic I’ve ever done was to re-write all the SSOSV stories that had seen print up to then (this was before IDENTITY CRISIS) and adjust them for post-COIE continuity, as well as filling in assorted blanks and tying up loose ends. I had a lot of fun doing it, and everyone I’ve ever showed it to has been impressed. I look forward to seeing that article as well.Hope all is well with you and your family as we head into Spring 2009!

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