Coming to Shore Leave This July

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I’ve been waiting to talk about this one for a while now and suddenly, it’s gone public.Back in August, David Mack sent out an e-mail called “A Diabolical Plan” and invited a group of selected co-conspirators to make an event out of what we normally do for sport. That is, pick on Keith R.A. DeCandido. David saw this as a natural outgrowth of the concentration of authors at Shore Leave and a chance for us to have fun and do some good.We signed on and David asked me to serve as Master of Ceremonies then proceeded to cackle madly as he explained it to the committee.  Each roaster will contribute money to the American Red Cross and encourage all in attendance to cough up a donation. The R-rated (or worse) event would kick off the Friday night festivities with a cash bar meaning all the authors would be properly liquored up in time for the Meet the Authors party at 10.As the site says: Warning: This event will contain crude language, vulgar jokes, and visual gags guaranteed to offend just about everyone. There might be a disturbing puppet involved.Over the last few months, sporadic e-mail chains cranked up as people discussed structure and rules.  Sample gags were tried out, David also crafted a nifty flyer,  and workshopped his comments over dinner while we were at I-Con.   Let’s just say this will be a must see event which, for those not attending, can catch on video at some later date.For those attending the con, I strongly recommend being on hand for this special event. For those considering attending, this should tip you over.

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  1. Sure. It’s only April, the schedule’s not out, and now my Friday evening is already booked. So much for the hot tub.Wouldn’t miss it!

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