A Weary Week

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It’s been a long, wearying but full week.On Monday, the RTM had its annual budget meeting. The betting was on a 2-3 hour meeting, which certainly would have been welcome after the previous week’s nearly 6 hour marathon. We wrapped in just under 2 hours and passed a budget. There was lots of talk about one action, which was basically a bookkeeping move, which opened up a can of worms regarding the assumptions that go into the budget process.  Every year, we’re obligated to enact a budget in May even through the state of Connecticut does not pass its budget until late June. As a result, over $7 million of each year’s budget is based on a series of assumptions. However, this year we decided to spend most of the meeting discussing a $500,000 assumption.We wrapped the budget with no one proposing any real cuts to the budget which left us with a 1.7% which most towns would have welcomed…any other year. There was a very vocal contingent of the public that insisted on a 0% increase but none of us saw how that was possible given the timing of our final increase to the debt service in addition to contractually obligated pay raised plus our first pension payment in over a decade thanks to the economy (the Madoff mess touched us just a wee bit this year). As a result, there may well be a referendum, the first in over 15 years. I’ll be curious to see how this plays out.I worked on the Superman Encyclopedia, my Green Hornet story outline, and my consulting stuff all week but there were other highlights. Wednesday, I spent much of the day in the city which was a welcome change of pace.  I had lunch with a group of friends I used to see weekly and since I no longer commute to work, I rarely see them now. Joining us in an even rarer visit was Tom Galloway. He invited me to participate in the Fans vs. Pros trivia contest at San Diego, an event I haven’t been a part of in over a decade so I eagerly said yes, already dreading the questions my pal John Wells will help write.  I spent the afternoon at an office then attended the IMAX press screening of Star Trek. Many have asked for my thoughts and they will be posted tomorrow after a second viewing tonight, this time with Deb and Kate. At the screening, I got to catch up with Fangoria’s Tony Timpone and my old colleague Dan Scapperotti.Being out late Monday and Wednesday left me very worn on Thursday and I feel it again today.  I’ll get more done on the Encyclopedia (starting with Silver Banshee for those keeping score) then spend a quiet afternoon with Deb and Kate.On the work side of life, I had one publisher turn down a book project and a proposal I did for a company was turned down by one of their partners but at least they’re shopping it elsewhere. You win some, you lose some.

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