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So, what sort of a week has it been?Productive, to sum it up in a word.The Essential Superman Encyclopedia has been the predominant thing that has filled my waking hours. Today, I have submitted S (except Superman, being saved for last) and will begin researching T this afternoon. So, we’re closing in on finishing this which is good because there are other assignments waiting their turn.Among them, I have to begin a series of lengthy interviews with a subject for a forthcoming not-yet-announced book project along with writing the Green Hornet short story for Moonstone. There’s an essay for a not-yet-announced book that also needs attention.The big project for the remainder of the year also has to be underway in June and we’ll talk about that when the publisher says I can, which is likely to be in late July or August.I also was offered a comic book one-shot. Yes, after more than 20 years, I will write a comic book and I have to say, I’m a little trepidatious since I am more comfortable editing comic stories than crafting one. I’ve begun a little research and await that lightning bolt of inspiration. It’s a media tie-in assignment and one I’m more than a little familiar with.I’ve been watching videos and writing up reviews which will begin hitting ComicMix in the next few days and have several more that have arrived and demand my attention so it’s a good thing we’re fairly caught up on our television watching so we can see the movies.The week began with the Standing Committee meeting, meaning its back into the RTM cycle of life with the full meeting on Tuesday (given the holiday). Last night, though, was a welcome change of pace as I attended a charity fundraiser, roasting our town’s First Selectman, Ken Flatto. I certainly enjoyed the humor and was surprised at several ripe subjects that didn’t come up. I was also keeping a sharp eye on the roast master since I will be fulfilling that very function in July. The food was somewhat above average and the company was terrific.

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