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As regulars here know, I visited Hartford earlier this year to speak on behalf of a bill that would have helped people help Robbie last year. Yesterday, one of Fairfield’s state reps, Kim Fawcett, posted frequent updates to her Facebook page, as various bills got passed. At one point, she wrote:“Today the House passed legislation that would require health insurance companies to pay for the cost of bone marrow screening tests. This was a Bill introduced by Rep. Tom Drew on behalf of Robbie Greenberger who passed away from leukemia last year. Robbie’s Bill will help expand the bone marrow registry and hopefully help many other cancer patients have a fighting chance at finding a bone marrow donor.”Credit where credit is due goes to Tom Drew, my local rep, who has pushed this bill for three years now. He did this in concert with Danny Lemos, who has survived leukemia and champion the bill with Tom. From the State Senate side, having Senate Minority leader John McKinney, also from Fairfield, sponsor the bill gave it great weight.It’s nice to see this and other public health bills pass that will improve the quality of life for the state residents. Clearly these are bipartisan issues and it’s great seeing everyone play nice for a good cause.

3 thoughts on “Score One for State Government

  1. I’ve been following the bill, good news. Now if we could only create a vaccine or easier cure.

  2. Truly glad this will become law. Hope all states will adopt similar measures. Robbie’s legacy continues to grow — deservedly!

  3. Insurance companies will only cover things they are required to–I just deleted…but you all know. Thank goodness for what you’re doing. Thank you.

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