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On Saturday, I received notes back from John Wells on the Superman entry, made the changes and closed the file. I have now effectively completed my work on the Essential Superman Encyclopedia. Of course, there are still graphics to pick, changes to make once the line edits and copy edits are done, plus proofreading the galleys, but the bulk of the work is finished. No question, April 30 was an impossible deadline but to research and write the J-Z entries from, more or less, March 1 though June 6 is a pretty good accomplishment.I’m taking care of little odds and ends, clearing the decks for a real day off. A weekday with nothing scheduled, nothing looming over me. I’m targeting Tuesday and hope to sit and read, maybe watch a movie on disc, and just unwind.Then, on Wednesday I will try a new schedule. After seeking some advice, I am devoting the first work hour each day to spec stuff, to actually get back to my own projects in the hopes they sell. There are several vying for attention and will begin, I think, with a collaborative project I have so far leant my name to but have not really delved into the material to date.I also will swing into the next big project, taking June and July to do the basic research before beginning the writing. I suspect the publisher will announce this in late July and we can chat more about it then.In addition, I need a plot for the media tie-in comic, have an essay to write and the Green Hornet short story to do as well. Some proposals are out there and need following up to see if anyone wants them and if not, try something new.Not having the self-imposed pressure to complete Superman will be an adjustment but one I will be happy to make.

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