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Well, this first week on the new project hasn’t got worked according to plan.Monday, I took care of lots of little things and really tried to clear the decks so I could begin in earnest on Wednesday. So far so good.Tuesday was the much anticipated day off. Instead of doing nothing whatsoever related to work, I wound up watching and reviewing Noble Son for ComicMix and reading a film script for a conference call to discuss some marketing ideas on Wednesday. I did read a stack of comics and begin a new book so it wasn’t all work-related, and I paced myself so it felt leisurely and relaxed.Starting Wednesday, I was going to devote the first hour to spec work and then move on to beginning the next long-term assignment. The conference call on the spec work wound up taking over 90 minutes, far longer than anticipated. Then, Deb patiently walked me through how to take MS Works files and carefully strip out some markings, replace other markings and prep the file to be poured into Excel so I can add my own notes and make it sortable. I then spent the rest of the day playing with the first file. Rather than go up and read some more, I tinkered with the second file to see if I could make it work. No, some of the formatting was different and I got stymied.Thursday, I wound up writing a book review for ComicMix and never quite got to the spec work because of a work phone call. Deb showed me how to alter the file and I then spent all day making the line-by-line alterations and with over 800 lines to review, you can imagine how long that took. I then tried to convert the third file to see if the lessons stuck but after 90 minutes it was clear the answer was no. By then it was 6:30 and I had a 7 p.m. meeting so I wolfed down dinner and ran.Friday morning was a case of tunnel vision. I did some work on the media tie-in comic proposal and some work on an article for Marvel Spotlight. Then, it took three more tries before I finally got the third file to do what I wanted. At this rate, all the allotted R&D time will be shot and then some which was not the plan.  Instead, I may need to rethink my approach, something I will do on the weekend trip to New Hampshire for my niece’s baby shower. I did manage to finish the third file but by then it was after 6 so the hope of knocking off at 5 and reading before dinner went out the window.Monday, I spend the day at meetings in the city on the project so Tuesday can regroup and start fresh.So that’s where I’ve been.

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