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Yesterday at WizardWorld Philadelphia, Nick Barrucci announced The Art of Howard Chaykin, a hardcover book that will examine the creator’s work and career. Yours truly will be writing the project, which is due for Christmas.Nick and I have known and liked one another since I met him during my tumultuous year at Marvel. He’s been a huckster, publisher, collectibles mogul and many other things but right now he’s mostly putting out one line after another of comics and books with some really nifty talent associated with the company.For the last two or three years, we’ve talked about my doing something with the company. We’d see each other at a con, chat for an hour, and I’d do some follow up but the stars never aligned until he surprised me with this opportunity while we had our annual sit down at the New York Comic-Con in the winter.Now, Howard and I have known one another dating back to the early 1980s. We’ve had some mutual respect for one another although beyond covers and pin-ups, we’ve never done too much work together. He graciously agreed to draw the first cover of Suicide Squad for me, which he knocked out in Andy Helfer’s office in a matter of hours and then gifted me with the original art.I am pleased he approved of me as the writer.Howard and I have shared some e-emails and then had a lengthy phone interview which will form the core of the book. I’ve been collecting the information for the checklist with some European fans that have done most of the legwork already.This should be a good book, one that Howard can be proud of. I’m certainly enjoying working on it.

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  1. Mr. Greenberger,I periodically check this post to remind myself that there is, in fact, a book about Howard Chaykin in the works. I’ve been looking for it but been unable to find it. Has it been published? Is there additional information? Sorry to be an overeager fanboy on this, but I know it’s gonna be cool!Kind regards,Ed McKeogh

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