A More Than Productive Day

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The rule of thumb is that you spend 80% of your time chasing freelance work while the other 20% is actually doing the work. Sometimes that seems to be the case and then you have entire weeks where all you do is the work.Today, though. Proved a very interesting and productive day.I set out to continue my data crunching and managed a substantive amount, more than expected so am ahead of my goal for the week. During the day, while working on the files, the following things occurred:

  • Got a call from an editor confirming an offer for a project that came up yesterday. Of course, it has to be fit in between now and Labor Day atop my existing work but the word count is low, the pay is good and the subject matter is fairly easy. Have a conference call tomorrow to get things rolling.
  • Exchanged e-mails with someone, leading to conference call, also tomorrow, regarding a project I may be involved packaging.
  • Moved the latest Microsoft comic strip project to the next phase.
  • Received cover jpegs from DC for my two Batman books coming from Stone Arch, one in the fall, the next due in the Spring.
  • Was informed by an editor that a media tie-in pitch I submitted on June 22 is off with the licensee for approval.
  • And was formally invited to be a guest at next February’s Farpoint convention.

I wish I had more days like this.

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