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27, 761 lines.  That’s the number of Excel lines once everything was converted from MS Word and poured into the spreadsheet.It’s taken me about six weeks to get this point but I am not at all done. Now I have to go through this line by line and clean it up, deleting duplicates, making sure everything is properly tagged, etc. Then I can begin the final phase which will become my roadmap for the foreseeable future.The sheer amount of repetitive work has been somewhat mind numbing and has caused some aches and pains I hope will now fade with time.Be assured, that’s not all I’ve done during this period. After all, my stuff continues to show up Westfieldcomics.com and I just posted three reviews to run on ComicMix over the next week. I also moved things along on the Howard Chaykin Retrospective so that was good, too. Best, I completed my Bat-essay for a project and delivered it nearly two weeks early.  I have a piece for Marvel Spotlight I hope to finish in the next few days if Gene Colan becomes available and then I’m in great shape to leave town for the big San Diego convention.I have to say, I’m used to being a medium-sized fish at many of these shows but San Diego will reduce me to the ranks of a guppy. As it is, they chose to use me on programming once, and that’s because I’m a Scribe nominee. Meantime, I’ve filled my calendar with appointments for existing and potential future work so I’m maximizing my time out west. Having said that, I’ve tried to block time to actually walk the floor. Much as I love the schedule of panels and presentations, I doubt I’ll make it to more than a handful, if that.It’s been a long while since I felt daunted by a forthcoming convention appearance.

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