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The benefit of wrapping the most immediate work on Monday allowed me a relatively stress-free Tuesday to prep for the con.  As a result, the day passed in a nice way. It was rainy and cool for July, perfect for taking Starbucks up on their offer of a free pastrie. Deb and I met our friend Heather in town where the women talked knitting and I sipped and nodded a lot.Back home, I wrote up my Tomb of Dracula article for Marvel Spotlight and then watched Green Lantern: First Flight to review for ComicMix (look for it this weekend). I responded to many e-mails, took care of printing documents I needed for the trip and worked my way down the checklist.By 4:30, I was pretty much packed and settled but various phone calls and dinner prep meant I wound up 40 pages shy of finishing a book, too few pages to bother schlepping but that’s about the only undone thing which is fine by me.I had trouble sleeping, from anticipation I guess, so was up before the alarm and on the road by 6:10 this morning. Fortunately, every aspect of the trip from leaving the house to checking in at the hotel went flawlessly. No traffic, not too long a line anywhere, flights arrived on time, etc.Now I’m settled in the hotel, looking forward to meeting my roommate later when he arrives. Shortly, I’ll head over to the con where I will no doubt stand on a very long line to get my page and then head in for preview night.  Con reports as report-worthy things come up.

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