Final Day at the Con

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Saturday was of course the most crowded day of the con. The place was packed and getting around was harder and slower which meant I or my meeting partner wound up late for appointments throughout the day. I also found myself moving slower as the marathon was catching up to me. My feet ache and the distance from the hotel to the convention center now seems twice as long.Being the day of the masquerade there were more hall costumes than before and the quality of workmanship and creativity was most unusual. Two highlights were groups: dead-on Disney Princesses and from 1967: Batman, Robin, Batgirl, Catwoman, Green Hornet and Kato.I had a somewhat more relaxed schedule today but still had numerous meetings beginning with finally sitting down and chatting with Famous Monsters of Filmland’s Phil Kim for the first time. We’ve been dealing by phone and e-mail since the fall of 2007 so this was a treat and it’s nice to see his business planning moving ahead after many delays.Other meetings included chatting with freelancers and some time with Nick Barrucci to make certain things remained on track for the Howard Chaykin retrospective book. Similarly, I met with Dan DiDio and Ian Sattler at DC’s booth to continue discussing my project which was not announced this weekend. I had a lovely brunch with Scott Agostoni, a William Morris agent who handles numerous comics creators and companies. He’s been instrumental in several of the projects I’ve worked on for Avalanche Comics Entertainment but like with Phil, never met him in person.And just when I thought I was done with my meetings, I wound up setting up one final coffee for Sunday with someone to discuss a project I am doing some consulting for.I walked out of the convention center around 5 and was struck by the realization I was done with this aspect of the trip. It was wonderful while it lasted, but I was to finish my time in San Diego away from the con. That started with some time back at the hotel room where my roommate and I chatted and then I went off to a lovely meal with Mark Verheiden and his wife and some others. Mark, Sonia, and I used to have a traditional meal in San Diego but my not being here since 2001 sort of ended that but we rousingly returned to that tonight with a lovely Italian dinner.Given the coffee meeting in the morning, I got the vast majority of the packing done so Sunday should work smoothly before I return home.Final thoughts when I’m back in Connecticut.

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